It is with great enthusiasm I opened my blog once again after taking some time off. This is an opportunity the Lord has granted me to exalt His name and share the myriad of thoughts and things I love to share. 

I hope to share words in due season that can encourage you in your daily walk. May you find the truth and faith-building messages that can transform you for the glory of Jesus Christ. In this blog, you will find that I will share many different things from faith-based messages, personal life lessons, quotes and creative projects I may be working on. Be assured that the content will differ from one tab to the other. 

Please visit this page often. May you be blessed in receiving the “Healing for your soul” in your time of need through Biblical writings as well as creative ideas you can incorporate into your daily life. In the meantime... Tell a friend and share it with others. For me, followers are not important but reaching lives for Christ is. My gifts and passions are used for an audience of One ~ Jesus Christ, the lover of my soul.

Stay blessed | Be encouraged